Social media photoshoot by Eyes of a Nomad

Front Cafe.

Front Cafe is a hidden gem in the heart of Pererenan (the cool sibling of Canggu) serving up delicious food, in a beautful space - a true local favorite. 

As this shoot was right at the beginning of their opening, we had an opportunity to provide creative direction and a strong visual aesthetic for their social media moving forward. 

Social Stories.

For a cafe shoot we're always looking to capture a couple of things -- to showcase the amazing food, highlight key dishes, capture the venue etc. But we're also looking for the little things that make a big difference in appealing to the target audience, like conveying the playful attitude of the venue or the friendly smile of the attentive staff. 

We created key themes and repeatable elements that could carry the consistency through each month. 


We created 30 days of social media content for Front Cafe, on a monthly basis. 


Kelapa Creative provided creative direction and styling (flowers etc), as well as the monthly social media grid. 


The brand personality was playful, friendly and bright - a little bit of a Melbourne vibe in Bali.