Swimwear shoot for Asri Swim

Asri Swim.

We want to encourage every woman to love her body and feel amazing in a swimsuit. That's the mission of Asri Swim and their vision for this campaign -- their very first photoshoot to launch their new brand. 

First Collection.

Asri Swim came to us with the idea of using real, diverse customers instead of experienced models -- they wanted to showcase that anyone could look amazing in their products. 

Shooting with 6 women, many of whom had no previous modelling experience, was an ambitious plan but we were happy to take on the challenge. 

This shoot was shot with only natural lighting and zero airbrushing, staying true to the ethos of the brand. 


Models - Mikayla, Arabella, Tirtra, Josy & Natalie 


A half-day lifestyle shoot and studio shoot with deliverables for web and social media. 


We shot this campaign at Mrs Sippy Beach club, rented exclusively for the shoot.